The work I create with business' isn't created to just look good - it's to solve a problem, achieve a goal or both.

For example, rebranding doesn't only happen when the aesthetics feel dated or dull. I take business' who struggle to raise their prices and work to change their audience's brand perception through strategic design choices.
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The big three

White label agency hire outsource freelance graphic designer in colchester essex

White-label Hire

Agency based? Or simply could do with an extra set of hands within your team? I'm happy to work on an NDA Ad-hoc basis to help cover overflow work your team cannot tackle.

Branding packages and logo design in colchester agency essex

Branding Packages

We're not talking just logos - we're talking full brand packages, with brand guidelines and a whole range of assets to provide you and your team with a long-term, usable new visual identity. Often including marketing materials, social templates and much more.

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Misc. Design Tasks

Whether you're a business who needs a one-off brochure designed, or would like to pass a handful of tasks to a dedicated designer every month, this if what I'm great at. Typically, repeat misc. task clients don't have to, but often like to work from a retainer model.

How does it work?

So you're curious about how my Client-care process works with all design projects? I'll show you how we can work together and the steps I'd take to ensure ultimate confidence and communication from start to finish.

If you're looking to work with me, your first step is enquiring. Here, the more information you provide me, the easier and faster it'll be to quote a timeline and investment cost. You'll also have the opportunity to book an introduction call for the both of us, should you find this useful.

Post-enquiry & Client care

Working with Caitlin

Following your enquiry, if I believe we're a good fit I'll create a proposal for our collaboration. This document will cover any conversations we've had, ideal timelines, package/investment options and deliverables. Once you've decided on a package, you'll begin my onboarding process.

Within my onboarding guide, you'll see our contract, 50% deposit invoice as well as information regarding Notion, the project management system I use for all clients as well as my dedicated business Whatsapp number and further information regarding our project.

Now you're onboard, we'll begin. Depending on the deliverables, you'll receive design concepts within a presentation to provide context to all design choices I make, as well as opportunities to book further calls to discuss the designs. Working until you're 100% satisfied, you'll then receive an off-boarding document.

This'll contain details about the file types you've received, additional FAQ's and all files. If we've been working on a branding project, you'll also receive a brand guidelines document.

Ready to get in touch?
Let's begin! Once you've filled out my enquiry form, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Typically, this is within 24 hours.
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Graphic Design Proposal Document Caitlin Senior